About Us

Dear Visitor, 
Thank you for landing on our website.NewsLetter Script PHP is an email subscription newsletter script written in PHP and MySQL. The visitors will be able to read the news on your website and subscribe to newsletters.Installation process of the script is very simple. Administration is very user friendly. You don’t need to have programming skills. Note that we provide free installation on your website.Here are the main features of NewsLetter Script PHP:

  • one single step installation wizard
  • user friendly admin area
  • create/edit/delete news letters
  • place all the created news on the page of your website
  • place the newsletters subscription form on the page of your website
  • manage(add/edit/delete) newsletter subscribers in the admin area
  • send newsletters to a list of subscribers
  • if the subscriber unsubscribe his email from the newsletters by mistake, he will be able to subscribe again
  • option to send confirmation email to verify subscribers
  • if subsciber opt-out, then will be able to re-subscribe
  • collect names in the subsctiption form – optional
  • any language support for the front-end of the script
  • options to choose the captcha image for the subscription form
  • visual(css) options for the newsletter received from subscribers
  • visual(css) options for the news placed on your webpage
  • fully readable, editable and simple php source code
  • News RSS feed for your visitors